Friday, July 29, 2011

How to freeze Swiss Chard and other Greens

One of my favorite things in the garden is Swiss Chard... I really want to preserve Swiss Chard. Other than dehydration (makes great snack chips),

* Wash the chard well.
* Separate the stalks from the leaves. It makes it more convenient when you're cooking the chard later, since the stalks take longer to cook than the leaves (and, sometimes you only want to use one or the other in a recipe, not both.)
* Bring a pot of water to a boil, and fill a bowl with ice water.
* Blanch Swiss chard stalks for two minutes, leaves for one minute. Place them in the ice water immediately after blanching to stop the cooking process.
* Drain well, and place the stalks and leaves in separate freezer bags or other freezer-safe containers.
* Freeze for up to six months.
Also works for Kale, Spinach, beet and turnip greens!

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  1. I like kale chips with olive oil, salt and pepper roasted in the over. Have you tried this with chard before?