Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plot holder meeting on 6/8/2010 results

From the Plot Holder Meeting on June 8, 2010
Access and Use of House-
The house is to be used for storing community garden tools, and can be used for potty breaks. No large parties allowed!
Status of Vacant Plots
2 of the vacant plots would be used for classroom for school kids.
The other two for "food bank" gardens
Community space and shared responsibilities
It was discussed that the B- Patch is a community space and everyone has responsibility to help keep it up. Discussion of starting our board started. Also there is now a bulletin board under the porch. Check there for messages or leave messages for others as needed.
Outstanding garden projects
While everyones garden is outstanding, The city and Sustainable Burien have a couple of projects left and are underway. 1- the trellis is being built in the Northwest corner, and will support grapes 2- the grassy areas need to get covered with cardboard and mulch before the dandelions get a chance to establish 3- plans are in to plant raspberry vines and other vining fruits on the fence on the north side Kevin Alexander from Sustainable Burien is the go to guy on these- contact him if you want to help, or can donate cardboard or plants fir these beautifying projects 5- SuBu is building a compost bin just east of the porch on the house.

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